The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Refrigerator For Home


A refrigerator is a modern piece of technology that sits quietly in the house, unassuming. Few people realise its utmost importance to a household, especially in today’s world where the temperatures are continuously rising. There was a time when buying the best fridge in india was all about choosing the shade of the steel box. As long as the colour matched your preference, the model of the refrigerator didn’t matter. Those days are long gone by, and it is all thanks to the advancement in technology. As of now, a fridge is capable of many feats. Manufacturers have added features upon features to transform a boring behemoth into a wonder.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a new refrigerator going on sites like and Amazon to read reviews is not enough. To make an informed decision, you need clear and concise data and information. The choice of a refrigerator can be made upon:
• Range of colour
• Modular unit that fits in the décor
• Style of unit, i.e., types of doors
• Smart features
From a piece of metal that turned water into ice, refrigerators today have become a hub of entertainment. Here we provide you with a gist of types of model that are available in the market. This will help you narrow down your choices to one or two when it comes to purchasing a new refrigerator. To buy a fridge that gives you the most value for money one needs to ask this question – what type of refrigerator will be needed in the household?

At present, there are four types of models in the market based on style French door, Side by side door, Bottom freezer and Top freezer. Each kind has pros and cons. To help along the decision process, we explain each type. A top freezer unit is one of the most commonly found fridge in households today. That image that popped into your head when someone says fridge, that’s a top freezer. As the name suggests the ice box is on the top shelf of the unit and the fresh-food storage area is at the bottom.

They come with varying capacities and measurements making them very versatile. Plus, they are the cheapest refrigerators of all, making them pocket-friendly. For those who want efficiency over style with a cheap price tag, these are the best options.

The next style model is the bottom freezer. As the name says, these units have a freezer section located below. Such refrigerators are known for easy access to fresh vegetables and fruits as they are kept right at eye level. Though not very expensive these refrigerators have less variety as compared to others.

Side-by-side models have the advantage of very narrow doors. This means to open the fridge completely you don’t need much clearance thus, making this variety ideal for kitchens that are narrow. Because the unit is split in half at the centre, there a space constraint issue. It is recommended to buy the widest model possible in this style of refrigerator.

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