Meditation Healing Heart

Meditation Technique
Locate a peaceful place where you will not be diverted, settle into a bed, lying on your back. Put your arms by your sides, extend forwards with your toes and rest the legs, shoulder width apart. Stressed with power all your muscles and power Play and take a deep breath, prolong this process to the count of five.
Discharge and loosen your muscles and breath out of the mouth prolonging the procedure to the count of five. ( Termed dynamic tensioning, which is a martial arts technique ) Do this three times, it’s going to rest the body, relieve pain, release stress and calm stress. While doing the head clears, enable the days troubles to float away, tell yourself you’ll get back to them afterwards.
Healing Meditation Visualization
Take a deep breath in through the nose, as you do so, visualize an overwhelming luminescent healing pink light intertwining its way via your body and into your heart. This brilliant pink light carries with it an ample source of recognition, love, peace and contentedness. As the lovely pink light goes by your body it treats along the way, fixing all which is negative or sick. Leaving you with a lightness of spirit, no longer having pain, the heaviness and tiredness that has limited you.
Breathe out expelling all of the air you possibly can, visualize the healing pink light alleviate of sickness, ailment, all misery and negativity. As the healing pink light that is glowing swirls its way around and through your whole body, it discharges and expels limitations and all pain that you’ve put upon yourself. ( It’s vital that you recognize any trouble, as that of your own doing.)
The heart fills with healing and unconditional love from above, a radiance columns from your torso emitting an internal fire that is indomitable. Your heart rekindles from within distributing healing light through out your whole body. The shimmering pink healing light permeates your whole being, bringing healing and love to body, spirit and the mind.
Strength and the healing qualities of the pink light has no borders, its electricity is really all favorable. It is going to concentrate its energy where its needed the most, concentrating just on what needs healing. Picture the pink angel light assembling in the vicinity of your third eye to bring forth love in your future course as well as the capacity to see things with clarity.

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