Here’s Why Bridal Bouquets Are Special!

 Bridal Bouquets

A bridal bouquet is not a mere bunch of flowers; it is much more than that! It is a true representation of romance and love. When a bride walks down the aisle, it is this awesome piece of art that makes her complete. An ideal bouquet should enhance the bride’s style, personality and the theme of the wedding. Have a look at bouquets in singapore for some excellent bouquet ideas!

If you look at the wedding photos in, you can see that wedding bouquet is often the star in most pictures. The bouquet would be noticed more than your hair style and dress style. So, you cannot simply grab any bouquet which was ordered randomly at the last minute of the wedding planning! Your bridal bouquet is special, so it must be chosen rightly!

Style is important
Your bridal bouquet should be in sync with your style and the whole theme of the wedding. If it does not blend with and accentuates your style, then it would appear like something out of place. So, do a bit of research before deciding on the bouquet. There are different types and styles of bouquets available. The flowers which you can choose for your bouquet are also endless. So, browse through various options and select the most appropriate one.

A memory to cherish forever
The bridal bouquet is often used as a symbol of the family history. Using heirloom items such as brooches, handkerchiefs, rings, etc. in remembrance of the elders in the family is a widespread practice. So, a bridal bouquet is not just a show piece, but an asset which has family values associated with it.

If the bridal bouquet you carry has such values associated with it, then you have ways to save it for ever as a fond memory by freeze drying and preserving it. This would make an awesome decorative item in your home for years to come.

An inexpensive throw bouquet would do!
Having read about the preserving bouquet idea, you would be wondering about the tossing bouquet tradition without which your wedding would not be complete! You need not worry; you can use an inexpensive and small bouquet for that. Many are following this technique nowadays if they would not like to part with their real bridal bouquet. Here are a few reasons why considering a separate throw bouquet is a good idea.
· You can have heirloom items in your real bouquet, and you need them later.
· You can preserve the original bouquet
· The actual bouquet may be heavy and so it is not safe to be thrown among people
· The flowers used in the bouquet are so expensive that you do not want to waste them
· The small toss bouquet can be used as a decorative item to beautify the wedding table or so until it is thrown.
Your bridal bouquet is special!
The wedding is a very special part of your life, and so are the memories associated with it. The bridal bouquet is a lovely memory to be cherished forever. So, make it special by all means!

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